Shoe style in different colors

Shoe style in different colors

For someone defined as not being the sharpest tool in the drawer, Forest Gump offered some sage words of wisdom, “My Mama always said you could tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Where they’re going, where they’ve been.” One couldn’t agree more. It is without a doubt that a man’s footwear is of undeniable importance.

So, as all intellectually stimulated and rational men prioritize their shoes, let’s help you understand why this is so.

Shoes Indicate Status

Shoes have remained a significant part of people’s status throughout history.

They were known to indicate or represent wealth. For instance, Hannibal Lecter was able to tell that Clarice Starling comes from humble beginnings by looking at her feet.

Footwear functioned as status symbols in many cultures, even the oldest ones like ancient Egypt. It wasn’t even a question of how comfortable they felt. The fact that anyone owned a pair of sandals meant they were part of a more respectable class. The same manifestation follows even after hundreds of years.

Signify Attention To Detail

Most people agree that you can tell about a man by the shoes he wears.

That makes sense as there’s still a bias that men aren’t as detail-oriented as women and only care about a good combo of trousers, shirt and jacket.

By showing off a stylish pair, you break that stereotype and prove that you’re a bit more sophisticated and got an eye for details.

Shoes Make You Look Sharp From Head To Toe

You can’t use clothing to give your face the “wow” factor as you just have your facial hair and hairstyle to work with. Yet, it’s a different story when it comes to your feet. Choosing the right pair of shoes will make people see you as the complete fashion statement.

Stylish Shoes Attract Women

Of course, there’s the “women” reason. How women know shoes is the same as men know cars. 

But people didn’t just originate this concept out of the blue, and they didn’t just randomly become famous sayings with which people still agree. There is a fraction of truth behind them.

In the case of women knowing footwear, studies show women pay more attention to the more minor details. Since women generally own more shoes than men, they also expect less effort from guys in terms of shoe style.

But clearly, the times have changed. Now, ladies love it whenever they see a man pulling off a fancy pair. Some may even approach you and start a conversation about it. Others say in their heads, “Wow, that’s some good taste!” especially if your footwear fits with the colors in your wardrobe. Either way, it’s already an achievement to have caught their eyes. So, you may want to build upon it.

To Sum It Up

With all being said, it is a no brainer that shoes are the culmination of style in men. While being the most ignored element of fashion in men, footwear can magnify the overall look when worn with compatible outfits.