Display of 2 piece suit in a store

Display of 2 piece suit in a store

Gone are those days when men used to settle for clothes that appeared universal. The modern male is just as much into fashion as a woman these days. Fashion trends are at their peak, with online shopping and magazines carving the way to better experiences while educating shoppers on what to wear and buy. Men buy designer clothes since they are a symbol of status. Being much more expensive, wearing these clothes brings them at par with the upper class of society.

There are several reasons men enjoy designer clothes more and stray far from typical quality clothes. Below are some of these reasons why this is so.

Designer Quality

Men love designer items for their quality. Designer clothes are often not mass-produced, and the quality and design they come with are second to none. When a man wears their favorite designer clothing, it makes them feel like they are standing out from the crowd.

That’s also because he won’t likely see ten other men wearing the same piece. A designer garment guarantees that you’ll feel confident and secure in your look. You feel at ease because you’ve put 100% trust into your designer item.

Conversely, while quality clothing does ensure comfort to some extent, the feeling of standing out from the crowd is something you’ll be out on.

Brand Association

The reason a modern man truly enjoys wearing designer clothes is being recognized or associated with a brand that has a prominent brand image. For instance, you feel like you love Armani due to their heritage, and therefore it will contribute to your identity. When people start associating themselves with a brand, it can become gratifying and helps build confidence.

However, quality clothes can also be associated with brands, but what sets them apart from designer clothing is that they don’t give you much gratification. They’re there to fill your clothing necessities, not self-fulfillment.

Psychological Perspective

Society puts pressure on appearance, with magazines and websites constantly showing us perfect figures, faces, and wardrobes, it’s difficult not to be influenced by the pressure of what is supposed to be stylish.

The thing is that celebrities are fed every day through the media and have the money to maintain a designer wardrobe. But your everyday man can’t update a wardrobe worth thousands of dollars every few weeks.

But wearing quality outfits can speak volumes for you due to their significance. Men immediately feel confident and wealthy when wearing a designer jumper, as it’s the added status that piece gives you. Paying extra for a designer item is well worth it for you as you’ll know that it’s unique, so you can feel special while wearing it.

Buying a quality t-shirt for a discount doesn’t give you that uplifting feeling; it’s all psychological. It has been argued that men like designer fashion trends because they demonstrate that they are wealthy.