Variety of men clothes in a store

Variety of men clothes in a store

Building a tycoon’s wardrobe for yourself on an errand boy’s budget is surprisingly possible.

However, it all comes down to playing your cards right, and this is probably the only time anyone will condone “swiping less”! But seriously, you can secure an impressive modern clothing collection as you buy some classic pieces that blend effortlessly into various occasions.

Ready to start? Here’s a guide on building your complete wardrobe for under $500.

Work Shirt By Day, Awesome Shirt By Night

Like Bruce Wayne, you can transform from a corporate person by day to a night-dweller (minus the cape, of course). Whichever office shirts you wear to work can also work after five. This includes restaurants, lounges and date nights.

No one needs more than three shirts. Go with pastel, white, and one in print, maybe stripes or gingham to keep things interesting. For an affordable men’s shirt, try looking up at Zara, as you’ll be paying about $70 or less for each shirt.

Basic T Shirts, Your Dream

You can rotate between your three basic shirts, grey, white, and black, on casual days. The neckline styles are your preference. A V-neck spruces things up; a deep V means you’ve been working out, and a round neck says it’s a low-effort day. You can get these on Amazon for as low as $10.

Monochromatic Crewnecks

If it’s a cold day, a crewneck sweater will be your wardrobe staple. A crew neck offers a tidy look for any basic occasion. You can even level it up by layering the crewneck over a white collared shirt for a more polished finish.

For color, anything works as long as it’s monochrome. This way, you wouldn’t need to fuss as much about matching the crewneck with the rest of your outfit. This is called “smart casual”, and H&M is recommended for crewnecks under $40.

Must-Need Pants

To keep things on the simplistic side, the two most essential pants are black khakis and jeans. Choose dark wash jeans, as they are acceptable for both day or night and serve as your casual go-to bottoms.

The black khakis are more formal and can be worn at the office or upscale hot spots. You can find both the pant styles at H&M for under $60 to build your wardrobe.

A Footwear Finish

Getting the footwear fixed doesn’t have to cost you a lot. To keep things minimal, invest in two pairs: brown Chelsea boots and black suede loafers. The loafers will double as both casual and formal shoes. By getting them in suede, you can upscale or downscale your look for way less.

On the other hand, the brown Chelsea boots will serve as your wardrobe’s secondary option for laidback settings. Durable and trendy, these boots can last the test of time and are worth it. To stay under $500, it’s recommended that you get your shoes at either Aldo or Payless.

To Sum it Up

Even if you can’t afford the things you’d love at the moment, there is always a way to dress stylishly on a budget. The guide mentioned above should provide you with enough fundamentals needed to build your wardrobe under a $500 budget.