Man carrying his child

Man carrying his child

According to a Planet Fitness study, seven out of ten women think that the “dad bod” is attractive. Not only do they say that a dad bod is “sexy, but” they also think it’s an indicator of confidence and happiness. The two traits are undoubtedly appealing. But, what about a fit body? Let’s discuss if you’re curious to learn what makes a dad bod hold up so well against a fit body.

What’s A Dad Bod?

Before expanding on the reasons why a dad bod is a good thing, let’s define it. A dad bod is relatively fit, but neither lean nor muscular. Most people like to say that those sporting a dad bod are in shape, but they also carry a little extra.

Why Is It Good?

The dad bod is something to respect for various reasons. Here are certain aspects of a dad bod that you might not have considered, but you should know.

It Is Just As Capable As A Fit Body

Having a dad bod doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weak or unhealthy. It means that you’re strong and able to meet the ever-changing and challenging demands of a father. This includes everything from assembling strollers to coaching Little League.

Conversely, athletes with a fit body might require a whole day to rest and recover after a lengthy exercise routine. Dads have a fantastic ability to squeeze in a quick workout and then power through a day of fatherly duties.

The demands from a modern dad are high. It makes sense that you have to balance everything so, if you have an extra few pounds, it’s OK!

It’s Mostly Healthy

If you wish to maintain perfect health, it’s no secret that foods including chicken nuggets, French fries, and ice creams are avoided for the most part. Yet, balancing schedules for every family member is no small feat.

At times fast food is your only option if you wish to meet all your obligations on time. Also, when your child scores their first goal in a soccer match, it calls for celebratory ice cream.

It is loved so much because it isn’t as over-restrictive as a fit body diet. Still, dad bod-ers should watch what they eat because they’re certainly not going to complain if the kids order pizza one night.

The Dad Bod Is Sexy

The Planet Fitness survey mentioned earlier found that more than half of women think dad bods are sexy and even prefer the dad bod over the fit body.

Wondering why that is? The dad bod is associated with attractive personality traits such as a down-to-earth mentality, healthy respect for work/life balance, and a strong sense of humor. Moreover, it is refreshingly natural and isn’t only built muscle, but built heart, as well.

Indeed, this isn’t to say that men who enjoy sporting dad bods don’t have muscles to prove their manliness. They have the right number of imperfections to prove their authenticity.