Boy sitting on a bench

Boy sitting on a bench

Summer is the best time for experimenting with style and trying out new fashion combinations. Still, at times, men miss minor detail, which ruins their entire look. From the length of your shorts to the style of the shirt, there are seemingly small but essential elements to an outfit that you must tend to. 

Today, let’s discuss common summer fashion mistakes that men make with summer clothing and how avoiding these will turn you into a fashion guru.

1.    Wearing Jeans Too Often

Jeans are comfortable and look great with almost everything. But they’re not the most practical clothing item for summer. Denim isn’t a very breathable material, and you’ll feel hot and sweaty in them. Instead, go for lighter fabrics, like linen, for your daily look.

2.    Short Sleeved Summer T-Shirts

When choosing a T-shirt, some men focus solely on how it fits and completely ignore the sleeves. In many cases, sleeves should cover about half of the upper arm, so the body looks as it has the proper proportions.

It’s vital to pay attention to the body type as well. For instance, if a man is tall, longer sleeves may look better, even in the summer. Remember this the next time you go T-Shirt shopping.

3.    Choosing Too Tight Outfits

It’s a good idea to relax more and avoid formal, stuffier styles in the summer. Choose wider fitting clothes and provide your skin with some space to breathe.

Tighter clothes will only make you sweat more and restrain your movement.  This doesn’t mean that you should dress in baggy clothes. Choose items that help accentuate features, like your shoulders and lower arms, without causing you to overheat.

4.    Avoiding Bright Colors

Summer is perfect for trying on different colors, especially if you don’t usually do so. If you’re new to this style, start incorporating one bright clothing item of a single color into your look to see how it works. You may also try different patterns like animal or floral prints to freshen up the outfit.

5.    Choosing Wrong Length Summer Shorts

Fashion gurus have suggested that covering your knees with shorts is an outdated trend. Still, if you want to look attractive and chic, don’t be afraid to show your legs and quads. Ideally, you’ll want shorts that go 3-4 inches above the knee.

6.    “Winter” Jackets in the Summer

You only need to wear a jacket during the summer if you have to, like when attending a formal event. A summer jacket should be made of a lighter, breathable, and more natural fabric. You can also play around with colors and choose something brighter than your typical black and navy jackets.

7.    Wearing Shorts With Long Socks

Showing off your patterned and brightly colored socks has been trending lately. Still, when it comes to shorts, it’s better to stick to ankle-length socks. Your goal here is to show skin on your legs.

8.    Not Paying Attention To Footwear

Men can often go to the extreme and choose flip-flops or  leather boots in the scorching heat of the summers. For making your feet feel comfortable, instead, choose breathable footwear made from suede or canvas.