2 Piece suit

2 Piece suit

Men can often ruin their style by making wardrobe mistakes that are too complicated.

Looking good shouldn’t be difficult. A majority of men ruin their looks by making small mistakes that lead to significant consequences. Here are the five of the worst mistakes men make and some ways to avoid those and improve your style.

1.    Sporting Too Long Jacket Sleeves

The jacket sleeves should leave enough room for your shirt sleeves to be seen. That means your jacket sleeve should be about a quarter-inch or a half-inch shorter than your shirt’s sleeve. If the shirt sleeve is monogrammed, you can even have jacket sleeves that are a whole inch shorter than your shirt sleeves.

2.    Men Wearing A Busy Tie On A Busy Shirt

If you are wearing both a busy tie and a busy shirt, you’ll likely be at risk of becoming a human collage. Instead, you can choose one busy item, and the other item should be primarily solid in a matching color.

What’s more, it is essential to know that the jacket can also be busy along with one of the other items, but a busy jacket should mostly be monochromatic.

3.    Buying The Suit First

When buying a suit, it is vital to start with the basics and work from there. Men often opt for a black or navy pinstripe suit first.

Instead of getting too complicated too quickly, it’s better to invest in, let’s say, a navy blue suit with brown buttons first. It’s because the solid pants and the solid blazer can both be used individually.

The brown buttons can allow the jacket to be a blazer. The only difference between a suit and a blazer is the buttons. A suit’s buttons are matching, while a blazer’s buttons are contrasting.

4.   Men Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Guys, honestly, one of the worst eyesores is when you wear brown shoes with a black suit. Always be sure to follow specific basic rules. Always wear black shoes with a black suit. With any other suit, you may wear brown shoes, but you can also wear any color that isn’t black.

While on shoes, it is also crucial to discuss that your belt should match your shoes. A majority of men usually recommend Allen Edmonds shoes because their belts match every shoe.

5.    Not Knowing How To Accessorize

Every man must know that their greatest accessory is a pocket square. It’s a simple accessory that makes a world of difference. A pocket square doesn’t have to match the shirt and tie exactly. You can try tying the pocket square into an ensemble by matching it to the color of the rest of your outfit.

So, how many mistakes have you made? Which ones are you currently working on removing from your wardrobe? That bright bomber jacket from the old days? Your pair of sunglasses? Or will it be that sleek, slim scarf from last summer? Or maybe that too casual crossbody bag? Whatever it may be, the guide mentioned above will help you decide and avoid any fashion disasters.